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research and development at Hellenic Sugar Industry in GreeceResearch and technological development in combination with continuous quality control and genetic improvement constitute main activities of the company. HELLENIC SUGAR INDUSTRY is the sole producer in Greece giving special emphasis to the support of all its productive procedures through the most modern technological advances. To this effect an extensive project takes place of an oriented research and technological advance (E & TA). At the same time specialized scientists undertake to transfer know-how from research efforts being made abroad and to make adaptations to the data of the company. A part of this project is incorporated and implemented within the framework of funded programs (national and the European Union) as for example, EPET, EPE, PABET, Communal initiatives e.t.c. in cooperation with University institutions of high prestige in Greece and abroad. The program E & TA has mainly the following directions:


Back-up of basic productive procedures

crop control and optimizationIn order for the company to secure the quantitative and qualitative sufficiency of the necessary raw material, it takes under its supervision the central planning and the responsibility of conducting the beet-growing.

Guidance of the producers in all levels consists mainly of:
- Agronomic research aiming at optimization of the production co-efficients.

- Phytopathological research aiming at protecting the beet plantations.

Similar researches take place also in the industrial sector aiming at the constant incorporation of new technologies aiming at the optimization of the operation of the productive units (sugar factories) during the sugar production and the various by-products (e.g. modeling-energy saving e.t.c.).


Seed production - seed technology

Research in seedproduction and in seed technology aims at providing support in the sector of seedproduction and seed treatment which is a significant contribution from the economic viewpoint. The research made comprises mainly the following objects:

Genetics research

genetic research and biotechnologyOne of the remarkably significant programs of the company is the one of the Genetic improvement for the creation of sugarbeet varieties acclimatized to the agro-climatic peculiarities of Greece. The extensive research program concerns all the sectors of relevant interest and all levels (plant-tissue-cell-chromosome-gene). Basic directions of the research aiming at creating the appropriate genetic material, include the endurance to biotic and abiotic factors, the upgraded quality and the optimum productive potential. The Greek varieties cover a part of the beet-growing with perspectives of their wider usage, whereas at the same time an investigation is made about their successful presentation and the purchase of adjacent beet-producing regions under similar agronomic conditions.


New activities in Biotechnology

The research and development department uses the Biotechnology of the state-of- the art for the next years, which provides many possibilities of reinforcing basic productive sectors of the company while at the same time widens the perspectives of further developmental initiatives. The company by empasizing this sector has moved along the development and exploitation of these new "agrobiotechnologies" with main sectors of interest:

Research and technological development

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